Tattoos versus Beliefs

(Varsha Ramdihol//Marked Magazine)


For a large part of my life, religion has been ambiguous in many ways. I was raised to be Christian by my mother, and she by hers. I went to church almost every Sunday as a child (if I could wake up) until my late teens when I began to diverge.

I could appreciate the lessons different biblical passages taught me. I learned very fundamental values for life such as honesty, obedience, trust, forgiveness and strength.

But overtime my meticulous and almost nit-picky intellect couldn’t understand or even agree with certain teachings. Finding contradictions became a habit for me as I attended church less and less. My beliefs were being challenged.

On the one hand, I could see where God has a point about making good choices in life, when Matthew 7:24-27 compares building a house on rock (following God’s words) versus sand (not following His words). This metaphor illustrates that in life you can either make good choices (use sturdy rocks) or make bad choices (use weak sand).

Other lessons failed to grasp my understanding. The bible references the body as a sanctuary that must not be defamed or altered mentally or physically. It belongs to God and we must preserve it the way He made it.

For people with tattoos who have permanently altered their body, I can only assume God doesn’t approve. And as someone who has always been curious about expressing my personality through body ink, I’m torn between God’s way of life and my own individuality.

Now that I am older and can make my own decisions, I’ve come to realize that self-expression is limitless and body art does not define the sacredness of one’s body.

But as for whether knowing this is enough to convince me that a tattoo is right for me? That’s still to be determined.

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