Our Approach

Marked Magazine explores the niches of tattoos to unfold the complexities of cultures that partake in tattooing, the process of getting or removing them, and the artistic abilities and technological potential for modernizing tattoos.

Tattoos have withstood the test of time and continues to persist in our society today. Its engrained in our culture even though it is advancing, and now it is more than just skin and ink.

Meet the Team

Marked Magazine is powered by four journalists with a shared passion for tattoos and writing.

Jonathan Pereira


Co-Founder & Co-Contributor

Nature loving long-boarder, with a passion for gaming.

Kasy Pertab


Co-Founder & Co-Contributor

Movie junkie and a lover of all things makeup.

Varsha Ramdihol


Co-Founder & Co-Contributor

Equal parts cat lover and professional napper.

Anjelica Balatbat


Co-Founder & Co-Contributor

The Kit edit intern by day, model by night.